1) 'Symbiosis'
2) 'Formubiquity'
3) 'Prime'
4) 'Concatenamass'
5) 'Pull Through'
6) 'Turn'
7) 'Flop'
8) 'Configuration'
9) 'Bump'
10) 'Position'
11) 'Six Units'
12) 'Accretion'
13) 'Intersections'
14) 'Archromacausatum'
15) 'Alight'
16) 'Net'


Works attempt to constitute an experimental practice of ontological investigation. The ongoing activity is: sceptical, 'autogenous', and multidisciplinary (incorporating various: visual, sonic, spacial, kinetic, and conceptual components). The aesthetic intention and disposition of works is purposely simplistic, amounting from an aim to assimilate the complexities of expanded thought in a distilled and fundamental essence. Questions concerning: 'necessary and sufficient conditions for the making of art', and 'the construction and composition of experience', are often prominent subjects of consideration.

London-based artist, b. 1989, Southport (UK). BA (Hons) Fine Art [first class], University of Central Lancashire, 2012.